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Norton Antivirus Free Trial for 90 Days or 180 Days

Get the best parental control with Antivirus security free trial for your Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS device. Norton Antivirus Free Trial for 90 Days or 180 Days giveaway officially. Norton Family free trial for 30 days from the official website. It is the best cloud-based parental control software that fully controls your kid’s online activities.

This internet security software controls the kids and blocked their harmful activities online. It blocked any inappropriate and harmful site visiting. Norton Family helps to set limits on internet surfing and device usage. It gives you details reports on what your children are doing online.

Norton Antivirus Free Trial for 90 Days

Norton Antivirus Key of Features (Secure of Family):

1. Web Protects – Let your children explore the internet publicly, with tools that assist you to block incorrect internet sites while keeping you in the know concerning which websites they are visiting.

2. Time Super-vision – Stay together with just how long the children spend in their own apparatus. Foster healthiest customs by scheduling certain days of their week per week each apparatus can be properly used and the number of hours every day might be performed on each individual gadget.

3. Mobile App with parent – Stay in the loop regarding the children’s online activities out of their own Android or iOS mobile apparatus and fix settings if you are on the move.

4. Search Super-vision – The security enables you to find out exactly the language, terms, and phrases that your kiddies are looking for.

5. Information Protection – Help your kids avoid supplying private information when on the web, for example, contact number, speech, the institution they attend, or even email.

6. Video Super-vision – Watch a set of those YouTube videos that your children watch on their PCs or iOS device and also view a snippet of each video, therefore you know if you want to talk.

7. Monthly-Weekly Reports – Prefer to get comprehensive reports of exactly what the children do on the web, directly in your inbox.

8. Mobile App Security – Watch which programs the kiddies have downloaded in your own Android apparatus and choose those they are able to utilize.

9. Email Alerts – Figure out if the kiddies try to go to a blocked site so that you are able to open a dialog about content that is appropriate.

10. Parent Portal – It makes it possible to manage protection for many of your apparatus by having an easy-to-use Internet portal site.

11. Immediate Lock – Parents may help children take a rest by bending the apparatus, therefore they are able to refocus, or connect with family. Individual devices could be unlocked using a PIN. Parents and kids can still contact each other as the unit is currently in lock style.

12. Access Ask – Open the lines of communication by allowing your children to deliver your note from inside Norton Family should they disagree with a blocked site or perhaps a house guideline.

How to Get Norton Antivirus Free Trial for 90 Days or 180 Days [Family]:

This offer is limited time only, you can get Norton Family Security Free Trial for 180 Days without requiring any financial commitment. Follow the steps below –

Step-1: Visit the Promotion Page HERE. (Now – 30 Days for Free Trial)
Norton Antivirus Plus Subscription Offers Protection for 1 PC/Mac – Get From HERE
Step-2: Then click on the “Get Started” button.
Step-3: Next, create an account by your name, email, and phone and start setting up Norton Family.
Step-4: Got it and enjoy using Norton Antivirus Free Trial for 90 Days or 180 Days or 30 Days of full protection for PC.

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