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Windows Defender VS McAfee [Which is Better Antivirus]

Windows Defender vs McAfee Which of these two antiviruses provides better quality and more protection? Microsoft Windows Defender is free antivirus software. In 2009, Microsoft added a security feature called Security Essentials to the Windows operating system. It was later renamed Windows Defender in 2019. As Windows Defender Security it integrates for free with Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, and later Windows 10. In 2020, Windows Defender is named after Microsoft Defender Antivirus.

Difference Between Windows Defender VS McAfee:

Windows Defender VS McAfee

Microsoft Defender is a part of Windows Security. While Microsoft Defender Antivirus provides malware protection, its real-time protection is ineffective. However, it can secure the device more perfectly compared to previous years.

On the other hand, McAfee Antivirus is a very high-quality security protection software. The Premium version can protect multiple devices. If Microsoft Windows Defender Antivirus is compared to McAfee, McAfee will be ahead in many features.

Microsoft Windows Defender is built to connect to the Windows operating system. But this built-in antivirus cannot protect multiple devices such as Mac, Android, or iOS devices. McAfee antivirus software is pre-installed on Windows-based laptops like Asus, HP, and Lenovo.

Premium versions of McAfee are fast enough to block malware detection, protect personal information, and connect to virtual private networks. It’s important to compare McAfee and Microsoft’s Windows Defender when reviewing aspects of online security in today’s world.

The comparative functionality of McAfee & Windows Defender:

The functionality of Windows Defender in terms of features:

Windows Defender is a pre-installed antivirus. It only runs on the Windows operating system and has special features.
– Account protection
– Device safety control and parental control system.
– Protect browsers and apps.
– Protecting firewalls and networks.
– Protect from ransomware malware.
– It mainly depends on the Windows service.

McAfee’s effectiveness in terms of features:

McAfee Premium version and McAfee Total Protection are known as an all-in-one package. McAfee will give you four levels of protection, and it has some specific features.

– A powerful antivirus protection software.
– It includes a password manager and a McAfee shredder.
– Get secure web browsing and a secure VPN.
– Optimization system that will increase the performance of your device.
– Multiple devices supported.
– Provides identity and personal privacy protection.

McAfee is one of the best antivirus protection software in terms of features. McAfee’s system performance is much improved, which is ahead of the basic features of Windows Defender.

Malware Protection:

Each antivirus protects your device from two types of malware. A variety of dangerous malware in the internet world can disable devices. These are the virus, spyware, trojan, rootkit, ransomware, and others. These types of malicious malware can be threatened offline as well as online. Windows Defender provides real-time antivirus protection and cloud-based protection.

From this point of view, McAfee plays a very automated role in terms of security. It is award-winning antivirus software. It plays a role in eradicating malware very quickly. It is good and protects at different levels. Provides widespread response to Zero Day or new malware.

System performance:

The world’s best quality antivirus suites provide strong protection against your computer or laptop. These antivirus programs are designed to have a low impact on the device. It is then understood that you will run a scan on your device.

McAfee and Windows Defender provide the best protection when considering these aspects. Often, Windows Defender antivirus has a significant effect on the device during scanning. But McAfee has no such effect.

User Interface System:

In the case of antivirus protection, many people see what the interface will look like. If the interface is not easily understood, it is unstable for new users. In this respect, Windows Defender is a simple, understandable system. It will allow them to control all your functions easily. Its main interfaces include Apps Security, Account Security, Browser Control, Virus, Firewall Protection, Network security device functionality, and parental control.

New users can access it easily. But it has some flaws. You can’t easily customize Windows Defender. It scans at certain times, even when your device is idle. You can Windows defender SmartScreen to disable or enable it.

McAfee, on the other hand, has a nice, easy-to-understand interface. The latest versions of McAfee have a nicely designed user interface that lets you access everything from the dashboard. McAfee can provide your device with three main protections: web protection, PC security, and identity security. It has a scan option that allows you to run in time. This feature is not available in Windows Defender.


Windows Defender covers a single device with the operating system in terms of compatibility. Is windows defender enough for a PC or laptop? You can install any antivirus with Windows Defender. The real-time protection of Windows Defender is turned off when you are using an antivirus. In this respect, McAfee is compatible with all types of devices. Compatible with Windows Mac, iOS, and Android. Mac devices in iOS are usually limited to the required protection, with the McAfee Premium Suite providing the most protection.

Advantages & disadvantages of Microsoft Windows Defender:

Advantages / Pros:

– Protection of your device against viruses, spyware, malware, and real-time protection.
– Windows Defender scans offline.
– Reboots PC to detect and remove massive malware.
– If the antivirus does not detect the solution, Windows Defender is automatically down.
– This is a very advanced firewall system that can easily block and remove viruses.

Disadvantages / Cons:

– It only offers on-demand scanning.
– Provides only real-time protection.
– Antiphishing and email spam do not provide extra protection.
– It is only installed on a Windows 10 device as a built-in.
– It has no additional privacy protections.
– It has no virtual private network system and no password manager management system.

Microsoft Defender is already installed on Windows PC and defaults to antivirus settings. It is specifically designed for malware protection.

Advantages & disadvantages of McAfee:

Advantages / Pros:

– Includes a private virtual network, which includes all levels.
– The latest versions of Mac support iOS, Windows, and Android.
– It provides virus protection and supports the customer.

Disadvantages / Cons:

– This is a paid version and higher renewal cost.
– Privacy requires a subscription to protect against identity theft.

Like another antivirus, McAfee offers protection on multiple devices. If your family uses multiple devices, choosing the McAfee Antivirus program would be wise. McAfee is a full protection package. Its live safe plans include dark web monitoring systems, security number tracing, and 24/7 customer service.

McAfee LiveSafe controls an unlimited number of devices. From this point of view, Microsoft Windows Defender Antivirus does not provide these protection features.

Is Windows Defender enough to protect my computer?

In this case, if we compare the results of the AV test lab of Windows Defender vs. McAfee LiveSafe. Then we can easily understand the overall effectiveness of these two antivirus. AV Tests The company provides performance, safety, and usability results on three topics.
Windows Defender scored 5.5/6 as a free product in terms of scores.

– In this case, McAfee showed a perfect score of 6/6 with an impeccable defense rate.
– Again, in terms of performance, these two antiviruses got a rating of 5.5/6

McAfee has been given an advanced rating in the context of current world context tests. The standard rating for Microsoft Windows Defender Antivirus. These ratings are based on the AV test’s comparative malware protection review.

Windows Defender will only protect Windows 10 devices individually overall. Although it is a good protection software, it lags far behind McAfee in security. Unlike other paid versions of antivirus, it does not offer total protection to your device.

McAfee Livesafe VS Windows Defender:

Since Microsoft created Windows Defender, it has played an effective role in the Windows operating system. It is an integral part of Windows security, and users do not take long to control or understand it. Latest Microsoft Windows Defender Antivirus with Parental Controls. It only works with the Microsoft Edge browser.

Windows Defender puts a lot of pressure on your operating system and can slow down your computer’s performance. From this point of view, McAfee maintains the performance of your device and uses very little RAM.

Windows Defender VS McAfee Highlight:

McAfee has been able to provide much more reliable protection than Windows defender. You can manage multiple devices with one McAfee subscription. Again if you only use Windows 10 standalone devices, In that case, you can use Windows Defender Antivirus before you buy McAfee or any other antivirus. Just turn on windows defender windows 10. Its latest updated version can provide much better protection and is a free antivirus.

Windows Defender Highlight:

– Able to eradicate most malware.
– Its IE and browser antiphishing protection is of much better quality.
– This provides active protection by default with Windows installed.
– It has a built-in security firewall.
– Control features are available in a somewhat parental way.
– This is free antivirus software.

McAfee Highlight:

– McAfee provides complete protection and can block all types of malware.
– This is one of the best quality antiviruses and easily.
– Its user interface is not very nice, with a high standard but above-average reliability.
– It will give you a 100% money-back guarantee within 30 days.
– Customer support 24/7.

Final Verdict: Discussing the above comparison is seen that McAfee is far ahead in terms of Windows Defender. McAfee is a paid antivirus that will give your device maximum protection. McAfee will optimize your PC, which will enhance your computer’s performance.

Windows Defender puts a lot of pressure on your system, which will slow down your computer. In a word, Windows Defender does not promise the best protection. Only its features will play an effective role. McAfee is relatively successful, although it is a paid version of antivirus.


Question 1: Do you need an antivirus if you have windows defender?

Answer: Windows Defender is not enough to protect the device’s maximum security and privacy. Since it is a free antivirus, it will only provide the necessary protection. You don’t need to replace McAfee with windows defender. With Windows Defender, you must use McAfee or any other antivirus. McAfee has advanced features that will provide comprehensive protection.

Question 2: Does McAfee make computers slow?

Answer: No. The McAfee program uses fewer resources that do not affect the device. Windows Defender, on the other hand, has a significant impact.

Question 3: Which one is better, McAfee or Windows Defender?

Answer: Undoubtedly, McAfee is excellent antivirus software. It is a paid version, and all paid versions of antivirus have the best protection. It protects multiple devices.

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